Fraud Prevention

What АutoВ does not do:

  • АutoВ is not partnered with any car dealers listed in our Site. We are an online vehicle listing service that connects car buyers with sellers only. Any listing information about a particular car posted directly by sellers including contact name and phone, not us. We do not share your info with any other company and we certainly do not make any telemarketing calls (not even by mistake).
  • Online fraud often begins with a spoof email requesting personal or financial information. These spoof, or scam emails often impersonate a reputable company such as by illegally displaying a company's name, logo or trademark. We'd never ask you for any payments, personal or financial information via email.
  • АutoВ doesn't guarantee or endorse transactions, and does not handle any payments, provide escrow services, or offer "buyer protection" or "seller certification"
  • We don't offer automotive warehousing or shipping services.

Advice for Buyers & Sellers:

  • Try to deal with people that you can be in direct contact, and the best way is to deal with local buyers or sellers. It will help you avoid scams almost 100%.
  • Avoid sending your address via email to buyers/inquirers at all times. Arrange meeting somewhere else if a test drive is requested. Giving away address will open the opportunity for scammers to send you fake checks or money orders.
    Do not respond to inquiries that ask for your address via email.
  • Research before you purchase a vehicle; know the car's market value. If a vehicle priced significantly below market value, be suspicious. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Try to obtain a vehicle history report from CARFAX.COM or AUTOCHECK.COM. A vehicle history report can provide useful information, such as who holds the title to the car and whether the car has been in an accident reported to authorities. You'll also find out whether the car was ever reported stolen, salvaged or damaged.
  • Before buying, inspect the Vehicle. With the help of a professional mechanic or an inspection service, try to inspect the vehicle if the car is in your area. An early inspection can help you identify problems. However, keep in mind that an inspection isn't a warranty and won't guarantee a car is free from defects or that inspectors have identified all existing problems.
  • Confirm Seller's Detailed Information. Do not send money in advance, don't just send it because you just fell in love with the car. Before you make a payment, verify the buyer's or seller's contact address and phone number- only email address is not enough. Beaware if seller is located overseas.
  • Decline transaction if the other party insists on using an escrow service that you're unsure about.
  • Do not make payments via Western Union, Moneygram or any other wire service. Anyone who asks for these short of transactions, consider him/her as potential Scammer.
  • Try to make or receive payments in Certified Checks. Fake cashier checks & Money Orders are common, and Banks will hold you responsible in case of fund unavailability.
  • Ask for detailed puchasing receipt. Ask the seller for a receipt, and a details of the vehicle purchasing terms. For example, check wheter the vehicle is being purchased or sold with a warranty or "as is.
  • Make sure you have enough knowledge what's required in your state to transfer title to the vehicle you are purchasing.

Recognizing Scams:

  • Inquiry from someone out of state, often in another country.
  • Requesting payments in advance or payments in cash, Western Union, Money Gram, cashier's check, money order.
  • Transaction involving shipping, and escrow service.
  • Payment offer more than the value of your car or your asking price.
  • Receiving a check by mail to cash or deposit without a direct contact with buyer.
  • Inability or refusal to meet face-to-face.
  • Asking for your full name and address via email instead of a test drive.

How to Report potential Scam:

  • We monitor every single car listing, and all suspicious and fraudulent ads are removed instantly! No questions asked. It is our ZERO Tolerance Policy to protect our visitors.
  • If you suspect any email as Fraudulent or Scam, just add the email address in our scam Email List and ban it forever! A quick link is provided with every email inquiries to ban an Email Address. A scam email address submission form has also been provided at the bottom of this page.
  • Every vehicle listing details page in АutoВ has a link, "Report Scam", at the bottom of page. Just click on the link to report a potential Scam to АutoВ We will verify the listing and remove it from our database. To manually report any scam, send us an Email
  • Federal Trade Comission toll free hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357). FTC online ( Complaint Form
  • Internet Fraud Complaint Center ( | Complaint Form
  • Non-emergency number for your local police department.